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Artist NestEntry: October 10th 2010

In business, there are set processes designed to deliver different types of goods and services to the marketplace. Each process requires a subset of operational procedures to streamline a chain of events. When a procedure fails, the process is compromised and cycle restarts all over again.

Broadly speaking, these principles apply here. There is a set publication process on the platform one must adhere to with absolutely no exceptions. Contrary to popular belief, the process is not collaborative in respects of creative input. There are no gatherings around campfires, running around in the woods or singing kumbaya songs.

With this in mind, artists and presenters in particular unfamiliar or unwilling to adapt to the interview format and filming process, incapable of following simple instructions, take offence to direction or believe they know best should kindly refrain from making contact. We’re all grown. As such no one has the time nor energy to deal with prima donna’s or pamper egos no matter the talent or status.

To conclude this mini rant on a somewhat meaningful note, it goes without saying that when the right calibre of artists and guest presenters come along and process runs at it should, the long days and late nights are definitely worthwhile when the interviews are eventually published.

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