The City of London is one of the most diverse cosmopolitan capital cities in the world. Contemporary Middle Eastern art is a rapidly growing niche market in the UK with an affluent and thriving community base in London. The quest to feature a Middle Eastern born, London based artist representative of a culturally diverse society was an inspired move, the kick-start catalyst beginning in September 2012 when I was first inspired by viewing a particular piece of art from the Middle East.

“for every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth”

Knowing from the outset how difficult and challenging publishing such a feature would be given the calibre of artist, body of work and editorial content sought after, a long term strategy was employed based on an extended preliminary research phase with a view to discover and showcase the most original, unique and inspiring contemporary artist from the Middle East by the end of the 2013 calendar year. Thirteen months on, Barri Faryad’s interview feature publication on Artist Nest is the end product of a prolonged and sustained quest.

On a separate note, a deserved special thank you to Alice Key for volunteering her time and professionalism, an unwavering willingness to adapt to an unorthodox production process and showing real commitment in terms of making the three hour commute from Birmingham to London to host Barri Faryad’s interview feature before travelling overseas for a television production internship at Coastal TV in Ghana during an incredibly busy summer break. Goes without saying, Alice has a bright future ahead of her and would make an invaluable asset to any prospective employer.


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