Kick starting 2016 with an innovative all-inclusive new series of international artist profile interview feature publications with a view to showcase some of the best emerging artists around the world. Catalyst was simply inspired by a plethora of awe-inspiring artworks I’ve had the pleasure of viewing over the past 5 years or so producing new media art publications on an ad-hoc basis exclusively on this platform.

Planning for this series actually began as early as January 2015 with a two-phase strategic approach. From a producer’s standpoint, one of the biggest technical challenges I struggled for a while to solve due to geography was finding the most impactful medium to effectively execute and deliver said publications without compromising on the core elements and editorial narrative synonymous with an Artist Nest feature.

First half of the year was predominantly focused on brainstorming ideas and research development. Once a basic blueprint was established, what follows after is a structured back to basics producing methodology, the single most stressful phase in respects of making initial first contact from a handful of short-listed artists around mid July onwards and then having to sit back and wait impatiently for a response containing those magical words… “Yes, I would like to be featured on Artist Nest. How do we proceed”.

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