Contemporary African art is an unknown, undervalued and largely unrepresented collective in the UK, a great shame given the enormous wealth of highly skilled super talented artists out there with a diverse and varied portfolio of works.

three women wearing black clothes
Photo by Dazzle Jam

Whilst some might argue a commercial market for such works is limited and may not necessarily appeal to European taste per se hence the lack of exposure, the question of “supply and demand” cannot be disputed in terms of business. Fact of the matter is, contemporary African art is on the rise. The increasing growth and trending popularity over the last few years is more evident than ever before. Evidence in the form of two relatively new commercial art galleries in London dedicated to showcasing the best contemporary art from Africa and across it’s diaspora supports such a case.

multicolored abstract painting Photo by Steve Johnson

The Gallery of African Art is a London based art gallery established in May 2013. Located at the prestigious Albemarle Street in Mayfair, GAFRA specialises in showcasing modern contemporary African art. Tiwani Contemporary on the other hand was founded in 2011 and predominantly focuses on contemporary Nigerian artists across Africa. Both galleries run exhibitions all year round.


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