In the business manufacturing sector for example, there are set processes designed to deliver different types of goods and services to the marketplace. Each process requires a subset of operational procedures to streamline a chain of events. When a procedure fails, the chain is compromised restarting the process. Suffice it to say, these processes are in place for a reason which is to maintain a level of consistency and quality assurance throughout the production line in order to ensure goods and services being delivered to the marketplace is fit for public consumption.

Broadly speaking, these principles apply here. There is a set publications process on this platform one must adhere to with absolutely no exceptions. Contrary to popular belief, the process is not collaborative in respects of creative input. There are no gatherings around campfires singing Kumbaya my Lord songs or running around naked in the woods to free the inner creative spirit in all of us.

With this in mind, artists and presenters in particular unfamiliar with the way a filmed production process works, unwilling to adapt to an unorthodox approach, incapable of following simple instructions, take offence to direction or believe they know best should kindly refrain from making contact. We’re all grown. As such, no one has the time nor energy to deal with prima donna’s or pamper egos no matter the talent or status.

To conclude this mini rant on a somewhat meaningful note, when the right calibre of artists and contributing guest presenters come along and process runs as it should, the long days and late nights are most definitely worthwhile when the finished interviews are eventually published.

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