For those unaware, International Women’s Day is an awareness raising global annual event in recognition of the amazing work, sacrifices and direct impact women collectively make towards bettering our world since the beginning of time.

Recognition from the perspective of a successful career professional who gives up her job albeit temporarily to start a family, a single parent working mother who takes care of business at work whilst raising her child in a safe loving home or the formidable tough as old boots grandmother always stepping up to the plate at any given moment to provide that invaluable practical and emotional support system taken for granted within the family unit.

Artist Nest appreciation society goes out to women all over the world, especially those selfless super human heroines who came before and sacrificed so much to pave the way for the next generation to continue making progress campaigning not just for gender equality but inspiring real and meaningful systematic changes in attitudes and mindsets all over the world for the right to live, love and compete on a level playing field irrespective of race, gender and sexual orientation.

Today’s blog entry post on International Women’s Day is dedicated to the memory and tremendous political work of the late Rt. Hon. Mo Mowlam MP, a truly extraordinary woman.

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