Oneyung Kim Profile Feature

Oneyung Kim is an emerging South Korean international contemporary figurative artist based in Irvine Orange County, California. From humble origins, Oneyung studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in English at Korea University and a Masters Degree in Fine Art at San Franciso’s Academy of Art. Her paintings are rapidly gaining global recognition by prominent figures within the commercial arts sector, a remarkable achievement considering she only took up painting in 2012.


Providing a fascinating narrative in her first and most in-depth international podcast profile feature publication, Oneyung Kim talks exclusively to Artist Nest about her childhood past growing up in Busan and experiences that shaped her present day artist development two decades on as an emerging figurative painter specialising in painting the female form in contemporary abstract.

In your own words, can you introduce yourself and tell us why you chose to accept an invitation from our producer to profile your work on the platform as part of an innovative new series of international artist features?

There is an estimated 7.4 billion people all over the world from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. What can you tell us about Oneyung Kim, the artist behind the art?

Fortune favours the brave in pursuit of one’s dream. Can you talk us through your journey from South Korea to San Francisco in pursuit of a professional artist career?

Oneyung, your current body of work comprise of two completed series. Can you talk us through the concept behind “The Egg”, your first painting series?

Oneyung Kim Painting_Out of The Egg Series.01

Can you talk us through the concept behind your “Light and Duality” series.

Light and Duality painting series by Oneyung Kim_02
Light and Duality painting series by Oneyung Kim_01

Can you talk us through your relationship with the subject and body and how that translates onto the canvas.

Onneyung Kim Painting_Subject and Body_02
Oneyung KIm Truth Painnting_Subject and Body_Duality

Can you talk us through your ideas and creative process?

Oneyung Kim in te the Studio PaintingOneyung KIm Studio Painting Materials_TubesOneyung Kim Artist Studio Materials_Palette KnifeOneyung Kim Art Studio Painting Brushes

You have sold a number of paintings from your current series. By my definition, that makes you a relatively successful artist. How do you personally define success from an artist perspective?

The art industry is a multi million dollar business. With that said, what makes an original Oneyung Kim painting a unique and valuable financial acquisition to a prospective buyer or collector?

Looking to the future, what’s next on the agenda for Oneyung Kim? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Oneyung Kim, thank you for taking the time to give us an informative insight into your background and body of work. In concluding, do you have any final words you would like to leave us with?

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Oneyung Kim on Linkedin
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