Barri Faryad Interview

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October 2, 2013 by Artist Nest



Barri Faryad is an exceptionally talented Iranian born, London based artist whose unique and thought-provoking body of work evoke emotions of grandeur.

Providing a fascinating insight into her life and work in this exclusive interview feature, Barri talks to Artist Nest about her early childhood memories growing up in Iran and the effect it had on her artistic style and development.

The impact Barri’s art has is immediate. Colourful attention grabbing images instantly capture the imagination and entice the viewer into a world of secrets and mysteries through a set of collections primarily based on reflections of an intriguing private life captured in a unique way which can only be fully understood and truly appreciated when studied in-depth.

Barri’s cultural heritage though subtle is also evident throughout her entire body of work with particular emphasis placed on exercising freedom of expression through her female nudes, a subject matter considered provocative and forbidden in her home country. To date, Barri Faryad has produced two complete art collections, Muse and Unspoken with a third ‘Angels’ work in progress. A number of her artworks has also been selected and featured in high-profile exhibitions such as the Society of Women Artists at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London.

More information about Barri Faryad’s inspired portfolio of work, her most recent paintings, private commissions and upcoming exhibitions can be found on her website.



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