Big Brother Angel McKenzie needs no introduction to the Great British faithful. Born Elena Semenovna Chebotareva, the multi talented artist, reality tv star, singer songwriter and all round entertainer grew up in a middle class household under the strict parenting by a physics engineering mother and father who worked as an astronomer during the communist regime in Russia.

Being stifled by a regimented upbringing and yearning for creative freedom and exploraion, Angel McKenzie left Russia in 1997 to seek pastures new in the UK, eventually finding fame some years later when she successfully applied to go on Channel 4’s hit reality tv series, entering the infamous house in Elstree Studios as a Big Brother UK housemate in 2009.

A kindred creative spirit by nature, Angel continued to explore her passion for the arts post Big Brother which led her to produce a new body of surrealist paintings in the UK called “Dreams in Colour”, exhibited at Blackall Studios, a premier exhibition and event space in Shoreditch, East London.

Aside from her paintings, Angel McKenzie had stints as a professional boxer representing Great Britain in World championship boxing title fight, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, founder and director of Gym on Wheels, a South London-based personal training company in Herne Hill and a talented musician who writes, performs, produces and directs numerous songs and music video publications. Her latest album release, Billion Nights and Days is available on iTunes digital download at the time of publication.

To contact Angel McKenzie directly about the availability of her artworks or for further enquires, please visit angelmckenzie.com to get in touch with the artist.


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