Joseph Steele is an emerging London based conceptual artist who graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art from Newcastle University.

During the 3 year stint he spent in academia up North, Joseph Steele worked hard to develop his own unique brand of contentious edgy art using explosives and reoccuring exploratory depictions of sex, violence and religion garnered critical acclaim from professors and peers.

In October 2009, Joseph Steele made headlines in the local and national press with the infamous ‘Easy Rider’, an art exhibition he co-curated with fellow artist Tom Whitty. During the exhibition, a screening of a controversial short film ‘that’s why they call it art baby’ took place made with the express intent of provoking public outrage and widespread condemnation. The film achieved its purpose in spite of risk and proved to be a perfect recipe for creating the publicity and promotional headlines Joseph craved for cementing his reputation and notoriety in Newcastle.

Post graduation, Joseph Steele moved from Newcastle to East London in pursuit of ventures new. Artist Nest met up with him to film his first interview as a Londoner, talking about his escapedes and plans for the future.

For more up to date information and further enquiries about Joseph Steele’s body of work, private art commissions and upcoming gallery exhibitions, please visit his updated website to get in touch with the artist.



  1. Nicola Taylor August 2, 2011 — 23:40

    Fantastic blog, great concept. Enjoyed watching all of the featured artists however I felt Joseph Steele’s interview in particular took me on a journey.

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