Joseph Steele is an emerging British contemporary artist who graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Arts from Newcastle University.

During his academic studies in Newcastle, Joseph Steele worked hard to develop his own unique style and technique, gaining critical acclaim from professors and peers alike through his brand of contentious edgy art portraying sex, violence and religion, re-occurring themes depicted throughout his body of work.

In 2009, Joseph made headlines in the local and national press with the now infamous Easy Rider art exhibition alongside fellow artist Tom Whitty and screening of a controversial short film, ‘that’s why they call it art baby’, an explicit x-rated amateur porno flick made in the name of art that provoked public outrage and widespread condemnation nationwide, a perfect recipe for the publicity Joseph craved for as well as cementing his artist reputation and notoriety in Newcastle and further afield.

Post graduation, Joseph Steele moved from Newcastle to East London in pursuit of ventures new. Artist Nest met up with him on the day of his move to film his very first exclusive online interview in London to talk about life, art, his Easy Rider exhibition and plans for the future.

More information about Joseph Steele’s contemporary artist portfolio, new works in progress and upcoming exhibitions can be found on his updated website.



  1. Nicola Taylor August 2, 2011 — 23:40

    Fantastic blog, great concept. Enjoyed watching all of the featured artists however I felt Joseph Steele’s interview in particular took me on a journey.

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