1. Barri Faryad Interview

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    October 2, 2013 by Artist Nest


    Barri Faryad is an exceptionally talented Iranian born, London based artist whose unique and thought provoking body of work evoke emotions of grandeur. Providing a fascinating insight into her life and work… CONTINUE READING

  2. Angel McKenzie Interview

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    April 6, 2011 by Artist Nest

    Angel McKenzie Interview

    Angel McKenzie needs no introduction to the Great British faithful. Born in Moscow Russia, the multi talented self styled entertainer grew up in an all female middle class household under strict parenting… CONTINUE READING

  3. Jim Hanlon Interview


    November 1, 2010 by Artist Nest

    Jim Hanlon Interview

    Jim Hanlon’s body of work speaks for itself. A background shaped by the encouragement and artistic influences of his parents as well as graduating from the School of Fine Art at Kingston University… CONTINUE READING

  4. Ben Oakley Interview

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    August 1, 2010 by Artist Nest

    Ben Oakley Interview

    Ben Oakley is a self representing South London based artist who describes himself as a contemporary artist with a little twist of modern conceptual thrown in. His body of work is varied and span across… CONTINUE READING

  5. Joseph Steele Interview


    April 6, 2010 by Artist Nest

    Joseph Steele Interview

    Joseph Steele is an emerging British artist who graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Arts at Newcastle University. During his academic studies, Joseph developed his unique style and creative flair… CONTINUE READING


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